How Online Fundraising, Gamification & Social Media Helped Raise $2 Million in One Day

March 9, 2012

Most nonprofits need to raise money to survive. It’s a day-to-day fact of life.  And because fundraising continues to shift from offline to online nonprofits are faced with a growing need to find new and innovative ways to do fundraising through online sources. The move towards a multichannel fundraising approach (online and offline) is becoming more and more critical to long-term success.

Check out a closer look at one very successful campiagn's technique--Giving Day of Greater Washington have raised tens of millions of dollars and generated significant publicity for their nonprofit communities.

Below is  a snapshot of some of the top giving days from 2011--then click the link to learn about the impact and strategies behind this successful campaign.

Give to the Max 2011 Results


Also check out the full report on these campaigns, How Giving Days Can Strengthen Nonprofit Communities.



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