I Am Education: Kids Tell All [VIDEOS]

July 19, 2013

In the many debates and discussions about public education, the voices we hear the least are those of the actual kids whose futures are at stake. What’s it really like for an artistic kid at a school with no art classes or a talented student who struggles with high-stakes tests? In this five-part video series from TakePart, five amazing kids tell their stories.  They share what they see as the truth -- and priorities -- when it comes to art education, standardized testing, special education, literacy and science education.

The odds are stacked against many of the 49.5 million kids who attend public schools in America today. Budgets are being slashed, standardized tests have been given unprecedented priority, and more and more kids are struggling with special needs. With so many students in danger of falling through the cracks, it’s time to act.

Watch the full playlist below, and learn more about this initiative, and related stories and ways to take action online here.