Info, and Choices, for the Budget Perplexed

May 26, 2011

June 7, 2011 was the tenth anniversary of the passage of tax
cuts that continue to give wealthy America
a windfall while contributing to increased inequality and debt for the rest of America.
As new choices are being made for for dealing with our national debt and obligations, some
powerful players are working hard to lock in bigger tax cuts for the rich while further disadvantaging ordinary families and communities. This webinar spoke about another choice-- finding the right balance of raising revenues and cutting
spending - to protect children, youth and vulnerable families and put the
economy on a stronger footing.

Check out the hand-outs from thiswebinar
for the budget perplexed, hosted by the Coalition on Human Needs, the Community
Action Partnership and the National Women’s Law
Center, in the link below. You can also hear the full presentation audio here.  Also check out their Budget Advocacy guide here