Infographic: The Future of Social Activism

Allyson Kapin
July 6, 2012

Millennials often get a bad reputation for being slackers and self absorbed, but they can actually be quite passionate about social justice issues, especially when the right causes resonate with them. Make no mistake, if you are trying to reach Millennials you're organization is going to need spend time and resources developing meaningful campaigns that they feel connected to, and use their preferred methods of online and mobile communications. But once you have them engaged, they can be some of your best advocates. Furthermore, with the right ladder of engagement strategies, they can be cultivated as donors over the long term.

Check out this great infographic below "The Future of Social Activism" that illustrates how Millennials are supporting social justice issues.


This article and inforgraphic was originally published by frogloop, Care2's nonprofit marketing blog.  It is reprinted here with permission.