Inseparable Imperatives: Equity in Education & the American Economy

December 5, 2012

For most of the last sixty years, the United States has labored to provide a quality education to all children, regardless of their skin color or socioeconomic status. This struggle for equity in education has seldom been linked to America’s position as the world’s economic powerhouse and leading producer of college-educated individuals.

Historically, the country’s moral failure to provide all children with an adequate and equal education did not incur a noticeable economic cost. This is no longer the case. Today, this moral imperative—to equitably provide all students with a quality education—is now a critical factor in maintaining the United States’s national economic strength.

Inseparable Imperatives: Equity in Education and the Future of the American Economy examines the critical juncture between civil rights and the economy. The webinar addressed the nation’s shifting demographics as well as the economic benefits of providing all students with a quality education.

Download the report here (in PDF format) and watch the Alliance's webinar about the report below.

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