Interview: Selena Gomez on Clean Water, Youth Activism

March 29, 2011

"This sounds really awkward, but I'm selling my tap water," Selena Gomez told Act about her involvement with UNICEF's Tap Project. Umm, activism is never awkward, Selena! In fact, we heart you even more for it.

Selena has joined Taylor Swift, Adrian Grenier and Rihanna to offer exclusive, straight from their fancy faucets "Celebrity Tap Water" to a lucky winner who donates $5 to UNICEF's clean water efforts.

UNICEF's Tap Project was started in 2007 to encourage donations to global safe drinking water efforts. The initiative asks restaurant-goers to donate a dollar to the cause for the tap water they enjoy during their meal. This year's "Celebrity Tap" project enters those who donate $5 or more to win a collection of bottled tap water from celebrity sinks (...hopefully the kitchen sink.)

Selena's no stranger to international activism. In 2009, she became the youngest UNICEF ambassador, traveling to Ghana to learn about health and education needs in the country's most impoverished areas and to encourage her fans to get involved in relief efforts. Since then, she's raised more than $700,000 for the organization.

We're thinking the limited-edition "Celebrity Tap" water might put her cash raised past the 1 mil mark. According to UNICEF, "each bottle contains bluebirds, but sadly, only Selena can see them." But it's Selena Gomez' tap water. Who cares whether we can see the birds or not?

Watch this exclusive interview then take action with Selena below: