It's Everyone's Economy: Why the Student Debt Crisis Affects Us All

July 14, 2015

Americans owe more than $1 trillion in student loan debt—and we all will have to deal with the consequences. Find out more in the second installment of 'One Secret, Many Lives,' the digital companion series to the new Pivot TV show 'Secret Lives of Americans.'

Inspired by the courageous cast members of Secret Lives of Americans, Pivot has teamed up with a crew of trailblazing organizations to create One Secret, Many Lives, a four-part video series that sheds light on several of the issues—from food insecurity to student debt—highlighted in the show. 

In the second episode of One Secret, Many Lives, Shannon Herber shares her story. In a conversation with Young Invincibles' Sarah Lovenheim, Herber explains why so many young people are trapped in a cycle of student debt and discovers what steps we must take as a country to put an end to this cycle.



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