June 16 Webinar: Using State and Local Workforce Data for Analysis and Informed Decision-Making

June 10, 2011

The Guide to State and Local Workforce Data provides links to a wealth of state and
local employment and economic data.  A June 16th webinar will provide a walk through of the Guide,
including helpful tips.

People in the public workforce sytem, economic development system, and the general public have been demanding better data of the workforce system and help in locating information that already exists. Having better data means being able to more properly assess workforce systems and improve them more swiftly.  This data is
important to assist in the decision-making process at all levels of government,
as well as when responding to grant applications, writing  WIA (Workforce Investment Act) and other state
plans, etc. The Guide to State and Local Workforce Data will assist a wide variety of users to
understand what state and local labor market information/workforce information
is available on various topics and to locate specific data tables
quickly.  It incorporates workforce-related data from
various sources.

A podcast of the webinar will also be released. Click the link below to register.