The Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative: What Is It, How Does It Work? (Video)

Liz Wu
February 17, 2012

Bart Lubow visited Oregon last week and was kind enough to sit down with Reclaiming Futures to discuss the Annie E. Casey Foundation's Judicial Detention Alternative Initiative (JDAI).

Bart is the designer and manager of the JDAI, which is currently the nation's most widely replicated juvenile justice system reform project. As the name suggests, the JDAI is focused on reducing the unnecessary confinement of youth in the United States. On average, JDAI sites have reduced reliance on detention by over 40% with no decreases in public safety outcomes!

Click here to learn more about the JDAI and stay tuned for the second part of our discussion, which focuses on successful implementation efforts in Oregon and what they mean for the rest of the country.

This blog post was originally published by Reclaiming Futures. It is reprinted here with permission.