Juvenile Justice Status Offense Reform Center

December 17, 2013

Status offenses are behaviors that are prohibited under law only because of an individual’s status as a minor, including running away from home, skipping school, violating a curfew, drinking under age, and acting “incorrigibly.”  They are problematic, but noncriminal in nature.

The Status Offense Reform Center (SORC) aims to help policymakers and practitioners create effective, community-based responses for keeping young people who commit status offenses out of the juvenile justice system and safely in their homes and communities. The Center provides tools and information to help guide system change and foster an active community of practice.

SORC is a project of the Center on Youth Justice at the Vera Institute of Justice and is supported by funding provided through the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, as part of its Models for Change Resource Center Partnership.

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