Make the Most of Congressional Recess

August 8, 2012

To make the most of your August recess, RESULTS suggests two main actions. If possible, request a face-to-face visit with your senators and representatives.  Congressional staff report that face-to-face lobby meetings have the biggest impact of any advocacy strategy on members of Congress.

Second, make appearances at town halls and candidate appearances in your hometown. Congress is on recess, which means they are accessible to you in person without you having to take a trip to Washington D.C. Many find it challenging to get a sit down meeting with their senator and representative. And many more find that they can amplify their work with policymakers by attending town hall meetings and other public events. In addition, going to events with Congressional candidates can make sure ending poverty is front and center on the campaign trail. Town hall meetings are often crowded and overwhelming, but that doesn’t stop RESULTS volunteer from making them an important and effective event.

In the link below, RESULTS provides scripts for face-to-face visits as well as some great steps to  help make the most of town halls.