Multiple Briefs and Tools for Transitioning Youth Out of Foster Care

October 18, 2010

The Foster Care Work Group (FCWG), one of three workgroups of the Youth Transition Funders Group, and The Finance Project are pleased to announce the publication of several new briefs and tools to support efforts to ensure youth transitioning out of foster care are “Connected by 25.”

The publication, "Ensuring Youth Transitioning From Foster Care Are Connected by 25: Lessons Learned From the Foster Care Work Group", highlights the FCWG's successes and challenges in planning and development, program implementation, partnership development and structure, and influence and leverage. Based on the recommendations developed in its 2004 investment agenda, FCWG members have supported 11 Connected by 25 sites in California, Florida, and Indiana. The unique evolution of work in each of the sites over the past five years offers rich lessons for funders, advocates, policymakers, and program developers interested in continuing to build the field of initiatives supporting young people transitioning from foster care.  

"Meeting the Education Requirements of Fostering Connections: Learning From the Field" brief aims to help agency leaders, policymakers, judges, and their partners understand and respond effectively to the education requirements of the Fostering Connections Act by reflecting on lessons learned from a decade of initiatives to improve education outcomes for youth in and leaving foster care.

Be sure to also check out "An Assessment of Resources to Support Transitioning Youth" and "Guide to Mapping Community Assets for Transitioning Youth".

Join the FCWG's Connected by 25 webinar for a discussion of this report and its findings.