New York Life Revitalizing High School Libraries

April 21, 2006

New York Life Foundation supported the efforts of three local education funds (LEFs) in Minneapolis, San Francisco and Tampa to work closely with four high schools to create library media centers that are true centers of teaching and learning. These reborn media centers foster a school culture that values and promotes high levels of adolescent literacy. According to New York Life Foundation’s vision, library media centers begin this process by providing students with access to a wide range of high-interest, developmentally appropriate fiction and non-fiction reading materials. But beyond providing new materials, at this revamped webpage, Public Education Network presents tools and resources that assist schools and communities in: (1) Updating library collections; (2) Utilizing modern technology; (3) Redesigning the school media center; (4) Encouraging collaboration between teachers and library media specialist; and (5) Engaging parents and the community in revitalization efforts. Tools for planning, assessment, and research are also available.