NYT Spotlights Homeless Childhoods

December 9, 2013

It's one thing to hear the data, which are stunning:  One in five American children is now living in poverty, giving the United States the highest child poverty rate of any developed nation except for Romania. It's another to hear the voices of children growing up in homeless shelters in New York City, like 11 year old Dasani who is at the center of a powerful new NYT series, Invisible Child.

As has been widely reported, New York Times political editor Carolyn Ryan (@carolynryan) tweeted her repeatedly about the piece on Sunday before it went live, saying, "it makes you rethink the world u live in."

This is indeed powerful reporting that gives significant space to the voice and experience of homeless children and that adeptly balances storytelling and policy. Here at SparkAction, we were reminded of some of our favorite journalists--Katherine Boo, Nell Bernstein and Jason DeParle. Kudos to reporter Andrea Elliott.

We also love the online presentation: with its prominent photographs, it makes for a visually compelling read.

Let us know what you think about the piece.