Obama’s 70 Million Checks per Month: Actually, It's Even More Than That

July 27, 2011

The federal government sends out some 80 million checks per month, which works out to 27 payments per second, day after day. These flow, as the Post reports, "not just to the expected
recipients, such as contractors, federal workers and Social Security
beneficiaries, but also to those you might not think of." You can use the interactive infographic to see how many flow to children, youth and families.

"The mind-boggling number challenges a common critique of the federal
government as a creaky apparatus where tax dollars are lost in the
bureaucratic cracks. From the vantage point of the 70 million or 80
million checks, the government is a finely tuned machine that brings in
revenue and disperses it back out across the country."

To read the full article and check out the interactive infographic, click the link below.