Opportunity Nation Summit: Youth Answer Our Q's

September 18, 2012

Youth attending the Opportunity Nation Summit answered our questions about opportunity and what policy makers can do to address this hot-button issue for youth. Here's what some of them had to say:

What do adults need to know about how to successfully create opportunities for young adults?

"What adults need to know about successfully creating opportunities for young adults is that the majority of youth are successfully transitioning to adulthood. Secondly, there is a percentage of youth who we should all be concerned about for whom a job or high quality education is simply not enough! These are the communities of color, especially urban and largely Latino and African American. I have learned from personal experience and our research at Transitional Age Youth San Francisco (TAYSF) that due to the many barriers these young folks face -- violence, homelessness, trauma, high stress, subpar education, racism, and more -- they need to be supported in a holistic manner and met with services to cope and healthily transition to adulthood."      - José-Luis Mejia


What’s one thing you hope to get out of your participation at the Summit?

"What I hope to gain from the Opportunity Nation Summit are a few things. But in short, I want to gain some new perspectives on other successful strategies utilized around the country to create sustainable economic opportunities for the most oppressed communities that have been in recession-- like conditions before the recession. In particular, I want to connect with other people who are advocating and working to creatively create opportunities for undocumented people as they are one of the communities with the most need, yet the toughest to serve due to this country's unjust immigration policies. I hope to learn lessons I can utilize in my community."     - José-Luis Mejia

"I hope to gain a better understanding of what Opportunity Nation is all about and how to implement what I learn from the Summit into my community."  - Taylor Eckert, University of Alaska Fairbanks student


What has you excited about going to the Summit? What are you hoping to learn/experience/do?

"I am excited to meet new people with common goals. I am excited to be an open book at this Summit and gain as much information as possible." - Taylor Eckert, University of Alaska Fairbanks student


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