Our Favorites for 2004

December 20, 2004

The Connect for Kids staff has made a list, checked it twice, and come up with five favorite stories from 2004.

Arkansas Gets Serious About Kids' Health
by Robert Capriccioso

Why I like this article: Staying healthy is a very important part of my life, so I am particularly drawn to stories about it. This article highlighted the relationship between obesity, exercise, and diet, and related it to real lives unfolding in Arkansas. From the Governor’s struggle to get into shape to the mother trying to help keep her son healthy, Rob shows how we can improve public health through education and personal action. Sounds like it might take a little sweat ... I think it's worth it.
Jeremy Isett

Bush, Kerry Answer Connect for Kids
Why I like this article: Ordinary citizens don’t always feel like they have much power in an election season, so it was nice to see that both the Kerry and Bush Presidential campaigns took the time to answer our specific questions about their plans to improve the lives of children, youth and families. That’s why the q and a with the Presidential candidates is my favorite.
- Jan Richter

A Whole-Family Approach to Meds
by Susan Philips

Why I like this article: Connect for Kids was able to release it shortly after an FDA hearing on possible side effects from antidepressants in teens and kids. Susan's report was quick to offer much-needed context from well-known experts for parents on the medication situation. Timely context is the best!
- Robert Capriccioso

Kids Help Soldiers Stay Connected
by Lisa Cataldo

Why I like this article: Every kid knows how important it is to be able to phone home, especially from a far-off, sometimes scary, place. That two children are helping so many soldiers do just that is inspiring.-
Susan Phillips

A Space Camp in Utah
by Abigail Holt

Why I like this article: Acting in positive ways on behalf of kids is what Connect for Kids is all about. A Space Camp in Utah, one of my favorite articles in 2004, describes what can happen when kids themselves work to open new horizons for other kids. - Cecilia Garcia