People Power: Mobilizing Communities for Policy Change

August 13, 2012

Want to be a master of effective community mobilization? This free guide looks at how community mobilizing can help you implement population-level strategies with a particular emphasis on adopting alcohol, tobacco, and drug policies at the community level. There is a growing body of re­search demonstrating the effectiveness of popula­tion-level interventions (also called “environmental strategies”). They really do work.

While there are numerous schools of thought and practice on how to engage in community mobilizing, this document presents a proven framework that incorporates the lessons from many approaches and has been successfully implemented in communities across America.
A lot of local youth-led groups and coalitions talk about community mobilizing, but fewer actually do it, and do it well. This free resource from Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America is focused on alcohol, tobacco and drug use prevention  but the tips and lessons apply equally well to any goals.  Learn:

  • HOW do you move people from a place of inaction to a place of action?
  • HOW do you engage in one-on-one interviews with community members to build relationships and collaboratively work on coalition issues?
  • HOW do you use community mobilizing to adopt effective policies?