The National Council of Young Leaders

July 12, 2013

The National Council of Young Leaders is a diverse body of young leaders from across the United States who advise policy makers and funders on issues affecting low-income youth and their communities. From both urban and rural low-income areas, The National Council of Young Leaders reflects the enormous untapped intelligence and talent of our nation's young people.

They represent the 6.7 million young Americans who are neither in school nor working, but who pose enormous potential for our economy and our future if they are provided the opportunity to get on track and get ahead.

Though each council member has overcome different kinds of obstacles, they all share in common their participation in transformative youth programs that helped them become the successful young adults they are today.

The Nationa Council of Young Leaders is sponsored by YouthBuild, Jobs for the Future, Public Allies, The Corps Network, Year Up and the Youth Leadership Institute.

The Council's Recommendations to Increase Opportunity

In the fall of 2012, the Council released its first publication, Recommendations to Increase Opportunity and Decrease Poverty in America. The report outlines specific actions that could help opportunity youth and their communities. One of highlights of the publication is the Council’s six recommendations for Immediate Public Action:

  1. Expand effective comprehensive programs

  2. Expand national service

  3. Expand private internships

  4. Increase all forms of mentoring

  5. Protect and expand pathways to higher education

  6. Reform the criminal justice system

In their own words:  The Corps Network interviewed some of the young Council members to find out what these recommendations really mean for them and their peers, in their words.  Check out some of the interviews below:

Fransico Garcia on Recommendation #4:
Increase mentoring

Adam Strong on Recommendation #5:
Protect and expand pathways to higher education

Philan Tree on Recommendation #3:
Expand private internships

Read more interviews from the Corps Network on all six recommendations for immediate public action.


To the Top

On October 1, 2012, met with U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, Assistant Secretary Deb Delisle and their staff to present their policy recommendations to improve access and opportunity for all youth in the United States. The Council had a productive discussion with the Department staff around issues.

Two Council members who in the room that day to shared with SparkAction their experience meeting with the Secretary of Education and some advice for other young leaders who have the opportunity to meet with community, state, or national leaders. Read their reflections >>

To learn more about the National Council of Young Leaders, click the link below.