The Power of Youth Voice: What Kids Learn When they Create With Digital Media

January 28, 2010

Young people both create and consume digital media, which paves the way for powerful learning experiences in and outside the classroom. A November 2009 public forum brought together experts, educators, parents and students to share ideas and examples of what's got them excited and what challenges they face.

The November 2009 event was hosted by the Woodrow Wilson Fellowship Foundation, the National Writing Project and the MacArthur Foundation. Discussion focused on why today is such a critical moment
in education, the opportunities that digital tools provide for young
people to learn, and some of the challenges that teachers and parents
should be aware of in young people’s digital media.

Before the panel discussion, youth groups presented about 20 examples of youth-created digital media.You can watch video of the full discussion, check out the PowerPoint and more on the Woodrow Wilson site.