President Obama Calls for Criminal Justice Reform

July 17, 2015

For what we spend to keep everyone locked up for one year, we could eliminate tuition at every single one of our public colleges and universities.

On July 14, President Obama outlines the need for criminal justice reform at the NAACP convention. During his speech, Obama calls for a review of solitary confinement practices and reducing mandatory minimum sentences amongst other things. Most notably was his emphasis on improving the juvenile justice for kids. "The bottom line is that in too many places, black boys and black men, Latino boys and Latino men experience being treated differently under the law," President Obama said during the convention. This is the first time the President has laid out a roadmap for criminal justice reform, speaking on the Department of Justice's Smart on Crime program and My Brother's Keeper Initiative. 

Check out important quotes from President Obama below, including a video of his speech and the full transcript here

"We should not be tolerating rape in prison. And we shouldn't be making jokes about it in our popular culture. That's no joke. These things are unacceptable"

"What's more, I've asked my Attorney General to start a review of the overuse of solitary confinement across American prisons."