R U on Track for College?

July 10, 2014

A recent Education Week article explored a pilot texting program in West Virginia that keeps graduating – and graduated – seniors on track for matriculating in their chosen colleges in the fall after they’ve received their diplomas. The work of Ben Castleman, an assistant professor of education and public policy at the University of Virginia, and Lindsay Page, research assistant professor of education at the University of Pittsburgh, helped shape the approach.

During a Google Hangout, Ben talked to First to Finish College about why – in the face of myriad new social media platforms – he’s drawn to texting… and how the simple act of receiving a text can keep incoming freshmen on track. 


Ben also got down into some of the logistics involved with a texting program, and how its usefulness extends well beyond the initial matriculation to promote college completion.


Benjamin L. CastlemanBen Castleman, Assistant Professor of Education at the University of Virginia, is a well-recognized researcher in the field of postsecondary access and success and is collaborating on a pilot program to use text messaging to connect families and students with quality, personalized information on key deadlines and supports.




This article is part of the First to Finish College project, produced jointly by Demos and SparkAction.