Race to the Top High School Commencement Challenge

April 28, 2011

The Race to the Top High School Commencement Challenge invites public schools across the U.S. to compete to have President Obama speak at their graduation!

Six finalists have been chosen for 2011.  To read more, watch their video submissions, and cast your vote, click the link on the bottom of this page :

Bridgeport High School (Bridgeport, Washington): "Bridgeport HS provides an incredible number of college and AP courses
for a rural school which is known for its high minority, high poverty
population ... The teachers at Bridgeport go beyond what they
need to do to teach us.  They acquire extra training and higher degrees
so they are able to teach the AP and college classes ..."

High Tech High International (San Diego, CA): "Impossible is a word seldom heard at High Tech High International. The
stereotypical teenage cacophonies of 'can’t,'  'won’t,' and 'never' are
replaced with a chorus of 'can,'will,' and 'now.' ..."

Wayne Early/Middle College High School (Goldsboro, NC): "... our school is truly unique.  In addition to
our location on a college campus and our dual-enrollment in college
courses, our high school offers something even more valuable a family
atmosphere in which each student is valued, recognized, and known by
name by every staff member and student.  Many of us agree that our
school is so successful because of this element of personalization and

Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12, School for Creative and Performing Arts (Pittsburgh, PA): "Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12 commits to making connections. Our academic program
fuses civics with botany, mathematics with visual art and foreign
language with filmmaking. Technology is a critical part of the
curriculum: websites, videos, Pod Casts and computer-based projects
supplement our learning ..."

Science Park High School (Newark, New Jersey): "Science Park High School is ranked among the top seventy five high
schools in the state by New Jersey Monthly Magazine and second in the
state in our District Factor Group (DFG) by the Star Ledger.  More than ninety-five percent of Science High School graduates go on to
four year colleges and universities, and are accepted at the top
colleges and universities, including Yale, Duke, Princeton, Dartmouth,
Lehigh, NYU and Cornell to name a few ..."

Booker T. Washington High School (Memphis, TN): "We are unique in our ability to face our challenges head on; we are
David, and our challenges are our Goliaths.  Our school and community
have placed the rocks of tenacity, empowerment and compassion in the
slingshot we use to defeat our giants.  Giants that are the by-products
of poverty exist in our community, but we have been submerged in the
belief that we have what we need to get what we want if we use what we
have ..."