Webinar: Rebuilding Strong, Stable Neighborhoods

July 25, 2011

PolicyLink invites you to register for a webinar on Tuesday, August 2 at 2:00 PM to continue learning about innovative ways to advance community revitalization. Transforming
communities and improving neighborhoods means finding solutions that
holistically address housing, transportation, access to healthy food,
the environment, health, education and more. Since 2009, the Obama
Administration has been realigning federal investments to more
comprehensively address persistent and concentrated poverty in a way
that invests the resources of multiple agencies into joint initiatives
in places.

This webinar, titled "Overview of the Federal Community Revitalization Policy Agenda: Sustainable Communities, Promise Neighborhoods, Choice Neighborhoods, the Healthy Food Financing Initiative and the Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative"
will review the important opportunities of these programs and highlight
how your communities can begin to leverage the hundreds of million
dollars invested annually to build communities of opportunity in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods.