Rep. Paul Ryan's Fiscal Year 2015 Budget: Analyses & Reactions

April 1, 2014

No foolin', the House Republican budget was presented on April 1 by Chairman Paul Ryan.  Here are some reactions and analyses from our friends in the field, explaining what the budget could mean for children, low-income families, and the safety nets around health and security. We'll update this as more reactions roll in.

budget cover House FY15 Budget Blueprint
House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) introduced the fiscal year 2015 House Republican budget. Tomorrow, the House Budget Committee will mark up the proposal. says Ryan, “By cutting wasteful spending, strengthening key priorities, and laying the foundation for a stronger economy, we have shown the American people there’s a better way forward.” 



Analyses & Reactions

What child- and youth-focused organizations are saying.

The House Budget Committee has approved Chairman Paul Ryan’s FY 2015 budget blueprint, and it may go to the House floor during the week of April 7. It would dramatically lower the top income and corporate tax rates to 25 percent.


Cuts to Health Care, Higher Education, and Job Training Programs Would Threaten Young Adults’ Economic Security
The House Budget Committee’s largely symbolic proposal slashes funding for Pell Grants, repeals the Affordable Care Act, and eliminates programs that help young adults bounce back after the Great Recession.






Paul Ryan’s Proposed Budget Cuts Health Care for Millions of Americans
Congressman Paul Ryan released his budget proposal for FY2015, outlining the funding and policy priorities for House Republicans. As in past years, this budget cuts a large chunk of health care funding, causing irreparable harm to millions of Americans who rely on Medicare, Medicaid, and provisions under the Affordable Care Act to stay healthy.




fracwebsiteRyan Budget Recycles Failed Proposals for SNAP
Sadly, it’s not an April Fool’s Joke. For the fourth time in as many years, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) has released a budget that slashes deeply the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and other low-income programs.




By Ignoring Economic Reality, Ryan Budget Would Slow Recovery, Cost Jobseconomicpolicyinstituteblog
Like Chairman Ryan’s FY14 budget, this year’s model (again called “The Path to Prosperity”) aims to balance the budget within a decade—an economically nonsensical goal during a slow recovery, and one that requires damaging austerity to achieve.





nppcompetingvisionsCompeting Visions: President Obama, Rep. Paul Ryan, and House Progressives Release Budget Proposals for 2015
National Priorities Project examines how new budget proposals stack up against what Americans want.




Coalition of Human Needs House FY15 Budget Blueprint
Please check out the links below for the latest news, analysis, and updates concerning the Fiscal Year 2015 Budget.




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