Report Roundup: 2000 Report Card

November 1, 2000

Twenty-five states bombed on Handgun Control Inc.’s “test” of protecting children from guns, receiving a grade of D or F, according to the 2000 Report Card. This fourth annual analysis of state gun-control laws found that many states did not pass more stringent laws, weakened existing laws, or made lawsuits against the gun industry unlawful.

States were graded on the stringency of their laws regarding carrying concealed weapons, juvenile handgun possession, juvenile handgun sale and transfer prohibitions, child access prevention, preemption, and secondary sales. Each state got a grade of A+ through F- in those six areas, got “extra credit” or “demerits” for other related actions, and got an overall grade. Only one state, Maryland, received an A, and one, Kentucky, received an F-. The most common grade was D+, earned by nine states. Free in print or online. Handgun Control, Inc. 1225 Eye St., NW, Ste. 1100, Washington, DC, 20005. (202) 898-0792.

"2000 Report Card." Report Roundup. Youth Today, November 2000, p. 49.

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