Report Roundup: Faith-Based Institutions and High-Risk Youth

Amy Bracken
July 1, 2000

This report is the first in a series examining the challenges faced by 15 diverse faith-based high-risk-youth-serving organizations in 11 cities — Boston, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco, West Oakland, Seattle, Cleveland, Denver, Philadelphia, New York (South Bronx and Brooklyn) and Indianapolis. P/PV looked at the struggles, successes and strategies involved for each program in capacity building, connecting with funding sources, evaluation, focused leadership, targeting high-risk youth, collaboration, planning and program strategies, building relationships of trust, and the role of faith.

Site examinations both contradicted and corroborated previous research on such programs. As predicted, P/PV researchers saw high resistance to accepting public funds, for a variety of reasons. One explanation was, “You can’t finance Moses’ movement with Pharoah’s money.” Others lacked the staff capacity to secure funding. Researchers also found a general lack of knowledge of one another between foundations and congregations. 19 pages. $5 for hard copy. Free online. Public/Private Ventures,
1 Commerce Sq., 2005 Market St., Ste. 900, Philadelphia, PA 19103. (215) 557-4400.

Bracken, Amy. "Faith-Based Institutions and High-Risk Youth." Report Roundup. Youth Today, July/August 2000, p. 30.

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