Report Roundup: Offenders Incarcerated for Crimes Against Juveniles

April 1, 2002

Violent criminals whose victims were juveniles are older, more likely to be white and more likely to be sex criminals than the overall population of violent offenders in state prisons, this report says. Researchers found that while only 7 percent of all violent offenders had been convicted of a sex crime, the figure was 65 percent for those with juvenile victims. Additionally, while 59 percent of all violent convicts were racial minorities, 73 percent of those with juvenile victims were white. Many had committed primarily unarmed crimes against female relatives, girlfriends or acquaintances.

Of all convicted violent criminals in state prisons in 1997, one in five had victimized a juvenile, half of whom were 12 or younger. 12 pages. Free online. OJJDP, 810 Seventh St. NW, Washington DC 20531. pdffiles1/ojjdp/191028.pdf.

"Offenders Incarcerated for Crimes Against Juveniles." Report Roundup.Youth Today, April 2002, p. 40-41.

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