Report Roundup: Seven Best State Initiatives Helping Children and Families

John Kelly, Chelsea Badeau, and Jolene Porter
September 1, 2001

The Children’s Rights Council (CRC) recognized Connecticut, Maryland, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia for demonstrating strong commitments to strengthening and keeping families together, providing shared-parenting options, and helping families overcome divorce by passing new laws and implementing new initiatives. Connecticut was named “best of the best” for measures including legislation that requires parenting education programs for separated and divorced parents, and that encourages mothers 18 and under to live with a parent or guardian. The report provides details on the activities of the top states. Four pages. Free online. Children’s Rights Council, 300 I St. NE, Ste. 401, Washington, DC 20002. (202) 547-6227.

Kelly, John, Chelsea Badeau, & Jolene Porter. "Seven Best State Initiatives Helping Children and Families." Report Roundup. Youth Today, September 2001, p. 40-41.

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