Samhita - NYU Student

November 7, 2016

Do you vote in every election? Why or why not?

I vote in every election that I can, but I am registered as an independent so that means that during the primaries I cannot vote for Democrats or Republicans. I think it’s important to vote and make your voice heard, and that’s always what I’ll say outwardly. But, realistically, your vote is really crucial in a swing state, rather than in a typically blue or red state.


What makes you want to vote?

I truly believe that your vote actually does count. But I do get the feeling that people think, “Oh, it doesn’t even matter, my vote doesn’t count.” But I vote because I want to know that I had a say in our government. I want to be able to look young peoplein the eyes and say that I voted.


What’s the biggest challenge you face when it comes to voting? What prevents you from voting?

Honestly one of my biggest challenges is usually work. I know when I make time to vote it means that I’m not going to work in the morning. That’s the biggest obstacle. Voting should be a little bit more accessible and account for people with inflexible work schedules


Did you know that our country has one of the lowest voting percentages in the world? What do you think when you hear that?

I am aware that America has one of the lowest percentages for voting participation, and I feel terrible about that. We have a reputation of beingthe world’s greatest democratic country, and here we are with that low percentage hanging over our heads.


What would make people more likely to vote?

People don’t vote because of work. Especially if they are working by the hour. Folks with hourly schedules have less control over when they can get out of work to vote.


Do you think that making Election Day a required (and paid) national holiday for all workers, or extending hours that the voting polls are open would increase voting participation?

 I feel like you would get more people to vote if it was a holiday. It could become a tradition, like barbecuing on the Fourth of July. Having one day in the year where you can take time to just go vote because you’re still getting paid for at work.