How do you #SparkSelfCare?


Our new series aims to lift up conversations about mental health and wellness, and how we can nurture ourselves as activists and changemakers.

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What is self-care and what does it have to do with the advocacy work and activism that many of us take part in every day?

While we may not always intentionally practice it, taking care of our mental, emotional and physical health sets the foundation for how much energy we have to give to the world and the causes we are passionate about.

At SparkAction, we work with advocates, activists, allies and co-conspirators in social justice from all backgrounds and communities who are making the world a better place. The work is important, hard and often emotional. We can’t help but notice that nearly everyone has different ways to practice healing and care for themselves and their communities—and that many of us struggle to integrate it into our lives and our work.

We believe that everyone needs and deserves space to reflect, heal and nurture ourselves and our communities. That’s why we’re collaborating with our partners to launch a multi-faceted content series on self-care in all of its forms. In this series, we’ll use blog posts, video interviews, social media activations and more to explore and support self-care healing, trauma recovery and every day mental health. We invite insights from all changemakers—all ages, issues, backgrounds and communities—with a focus on centering the perspectives and ideas from young social justice leaders.

We’re launching this series first and foremost with the intention of holding space to help remind us all that we must take care of ourselves as humans first and advocates and activists second.

Do you want to explore ways to practice self-care? Maybe you know someone who has radical, creative or innovative ways they self-care, or someone who finds ways to build in healing into their every day. We want to hear from you! Let’s talk about building self-care into our work so we can be the best changemakers possible.

Read some of our initial blogs and conversations about self-care:

Share Your Self-Care Strategies

May is #MentalHealthMonth and that’s why we’re choosing this month to launch this series. Here are two ways to get involved in the conversation:

  1. Share your self-care ideas and questions using the hashtag #SparkSelfCare on Twitter, Instagram
    and Facebook. You can share an image below with your answer, whatever it is:

    Sample Post:
    I #SparkSelfCare by [add your ideas or what you’d like to do for self-care, or encouraging another person to self-care]


  2. Join our partners at Youth Engaged 4 Change for their May #YE4CSelfCare activation to support young people in talking more openly about mental health and taking care of yourself. 

    Sample Posts: Destigmatizing mental health is important, and so is how we care for our own mental health. What’s one self-care strategy you’ve learned that’s helped you manage? Use the hashtag #YE4Cselfcare to share how you #selfcare and to help inspire others.

    #selfcare is important for all of us and there are so many ways to practice it. SHARE how you practice self-care this #MentalHealthMonth by responding below or posting a photo or video with the hashtag #YE4Cselfcare. Learn more:

Resources for Help and Healing

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