SparkOpportunity Winner: Diana Manee & YES!

June 13, 2012


Diana Manee immediately saw the power and value of Youth Empowered Solutions' (YES!)' work to empower youth to create community change. She knows the importance of helping create a positive domino effect by connecting young people and organizations in all sectors.  This project won an Adult Ally Award in the SparkOpportunity Challenge. 

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Here, Diana shares more about this project in a Q&A with SparkAction.

What's your idea? Youth Empowered Solutions (YES!) in an organization that creates widespread community change and mobilizes youth from many backgrounds for a truly grassroots movement. Our savvy youth staff impact problems that affect them and train other youth to be able to do the same in their communities. The YES! youth and adult staff create opportunities for youth to be more active in their community by teaching them about the YES! Youth Empowerment Model.

We also help nonprofits and businesses fully incorporate youth into their business using the YES! model so they have an increased capacity to work with youth.

Are you currently a student or working? I work full time at Youth Empowered Solutions (YES!).

Why did you decide to submit to the Challenge? I believe in true youth empowerment and no one does it better than YES!

What will you do with the grant money? YES! will use this money to continue to invest in creating job opportunities for youth and to change social norms so that other organizations we encounter will, in turn, create more job opportunities for youth.

Why do you feel it is important to help other youth? Youth are not our future—they are our present. If we care at all about the world we're living in, we need to start paying attention to the needs and desires of youth.

Do you have any fun talents or hobbies you would like to share with us? I can juggle and reach almost anything from the top shelf.

Follow Diana at @TANKManee & YES! at @YES_forum!


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The SparkOpportunity Challenge was a crowdsourcing competition for young people to share their ideas on how to create local jobs and opportunities for youth.  The Challenge was developed by SparkAction and the Youth Leadership Institute and joined Jon Bon Jovi in support of the White House Council for Community Solutions. Learn more >>