State Laws on Family Engagement in Education

January 27, 2010

Family engagement in education is a major force for helping students succeed in school and beyond. This National PTA tool is designed for parent-teacher associations and
other advocates who want to increase systemic, effective family engagement in
all of our nation’s public schools.  Low levels
of family engagement in schools must be addressed at the federal,
state, and local levels through the development of sound public policy
and implementation, evaluation, and replication of best practices.

Implementation of state policies at the local school level is among
the most critical components of achieving greater family engagement in
education by requiring State Education Agencies (SEAs) to develop
effective policy that, in turn, governs activities of the Local
Education Agencies (LEAs), or school districts.

The purpose of this reference guide is two-fold:

  • It provides families and advocates with information on family
    engagement provisions within state education laws so that they can
    better advocate for their children’s education on the school and
    district levels. 
  • It guides policymakers’ and advocates’ development of their
    legislative reform initiatives as well as their efforts to monitor the
    implementation of laws already in place. 

The reference guide provides key facts, background, analysis,
noteworthy statutes, and policy recommendations for crafting successful
family engagement legislation at the state level.  Finally, the
reference guide contains a survey of laws including legal citations
pertaining to family engagement in education in all fifty states and
the District of Columbia.