Student-Centered Approaches to Learning: Paper Series

May 10, 2012

New research papers released by Jobs for the Future show that adapting K-12 classrooms to individual interests, needs, and strengths is essential to maximizing each student's learning and improving schools, according to an ambitious new interdisciplinary project, Students at the Center. The papers focus on 1) teaching- what student-centered learning looks like in action; 2) school districts- how school systems can begin or expand student-centered approaches; and 3) the brain- what biology and cognitive science tell us about how students learn.

Students at the Center synthesizes existing research on key components of student-centered approaches to learning. The papers that launch this Jobs for the Future project renew attention to the importance of engaging each student in acquiring the skills, knowledge, and expertise needed for success in college and a career.

A total of nine papers will be released in the link below.