Success Story from a Specialized California High School

Rannisha Marie Hughes
June 24, 2011

STARS High School is a Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accredited program for students with emotional, behavioral, and learning challenges.

Rannisha Marie Hughes, one of STARS High School's recent graduates, had some pretty
amazing things to say about her experience at the school. She has since
continued to Community College, but she says she couldn't have done it without
STARS High School:

"During the two years I went to STARS High School, they helped me in many ways, particularly with coping skills. I liked helping with our garden and drawing with staff. I love drawing!  It helped me a lot during many bad periods of my life.

Without STARS, I
probably would have been lost or worse, I would have died. When nobody was around, STARS was, and I really loved that I felt loved like you were my own little family. The staff there is really amazing when helping people through stuff like I went through. Even the students are like family. My peers always had my back with everything I was
going through. I will not have another school with that much support like I had with STARS."