Success Story: Ventura Teen Finds Hope Through Juvenile Drug Court

March 13, 2013

An estimated 130 young people arrested each year in Ventura County, California, are diagnosed with substance abuse or co-occurring mental illness problems. But there is good news for these teens and their families.

Ventura County's juvenile drug court is turning young lives around with the help of Reclaiming Futures. The Reclaiming Futures program in Ventura County recently worked with "JM" to access appropriate treatment and connect to a support system beyond treatment - a treatment that turned out to be lifesaving for JM. 

JM has a compelling story of becoming an alcoholic and drug addict by the young age of 14 and struggling through teenhood constantly high, drunk, and skipping school.  "I felt like I wasn't able to be saved," JM says.  When she hit rock bottom she was taken to drug court and got a second chance. 

Hear her speak about her past and how drug court has changed her life completely and given her new hopes and dreams to finishing school and becoming a nurse.  Learn more about Reclaiming Futures' six-step model here.


Plus: Learn more about Ventura County's probation officers and how they play a pivotal role in helping young people recover and succeed after serving time in juvenile detention facilities: