Summer Jobs+: Inside a White House Launch

January 18, 2012

Inside the launch of Summer Jobs+, to provide disconnected youth with pathways to employment starting in the summer of 2012.

The questions came in via Facebook and Twitter: What do you mean you are going to the White House launch of Summer Jobs Plus? What is Summer Jobs Plus? Will the President be there? What exactly is a White House Launch? After all, it's not every day you get to go to a White House initiative launch, even if you work inside the beltway.

On January 5, the Obama administration launched Summer Jobs+, a call to action for businesses, nonprofits and government to work together to provide pathways to employment for low-income and disconnected youth in the summer of 2012.

The goal is ambitious and the timeframe short: the initiative aims to create 250,000 employment opportunities for low-income youth by the start of this summer—at least 100,000 of which will be paid jobs and internships. So far, the initiative has created over 180,000 job commitments, 70,000 of which are paid. In the next few weeks, the Department of Labor will release of a very cool online Summer Jobs+ Job Bank.

A little background on how this came to be: last year, the President proposed $1.5 billion for high-impact summer jobs and year-round employment for low-income youth ages 16 to 24 in the proposed American Jobs Act. Congress failed to pass the legislation, so the Federal government and private sector decided to act. So far, 32 organizations and four federal agencies have come together to make this initiative happen.

Wonder what it would be like to join a White House launch event? I’ll walk you through your day hour by hour (in Washington-speak, the “Tic- Tock.”)

Use the play button below to move across the time slots. You can also drag your cursor on the screen to move and zoom. View in full screen.


Thaddeus Ferber is Vice President for Policy with the Forum for Youth Investment and co-founder of SparkAction.

Thaddeus Ferber