Survey: A People of Color Majority? Meh, So What?

August 25, 2011

Very soon people of color will comprise a majority of the U.S.
population. How are folks reacting to the changing demographics of our country?
Why is the American Dream still out of reach for so many people?

ARC's Research Department had the unique opportunity to poll a nationally
representative sample of 2,400 adults, who belong to SurveyMonkey's millions of
users, about their feelings on race in the late spring of this year.

Despite all the fuss in media and politics about the coming
non-white majority, our poll found that most people don’t care about it one way or the other.
Importantly, however, those who were fearful were far more vocal about it. We
also found that while a majority of folks still believe in the American
Dream--that people who work hard generally succeed in life--people of different
races have starkly different understandings of what causes racial
disparities in achieving the American Dream.



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