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Tech Support: How Youth Matters Philly Helps Homeless Youth

June 16, 2017

Youth Matters Philly, an app to help youth find local resources like shelters and food banks, was officially launched Monday, May 1, during a press conference with city officials and those involved in the development of the app, including staffers at the Juvenile Law Center, faculty and students from University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy and Practice and Hack4Impact.

The difficulties that young people in foster care face when they turn 18 are well documented. It is especially challenging when young people lack the support of an older guardian. The Stoneleigh Foundation's Fellow Dominique Mikell, one of the collaborators behind the app, expressed hope that this online resource will be one component part in a bigger solution, and a clear sign that the “well-being and futures of youth matter in Philly,” as she remarked at the press conference.

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This article/image was originally published on May 8, 2017, in Generocity by Albert Hong under the title, "This resource map for youth exiting foster care is live," and is reprinted in part here, with permission.