TEMPYouth Today Special Report: Rural America

James Swift
June 19, 2011

SUBSCRIBEYouth Today reporter James Swift builds on his own experience growing up in poverty and opens it into a compelling and overdue look at the nation's poor, and our rural towns and families who remain deeply impacted by the recession.

Accompanied by a stunning photo essay by photographer Jan Banning, this special digital magazine report brings a new dimension to the too-quiet public discussion of poverty ----and is not to be missed.



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This digital magazine was produced by Youth Today and is embedded here with pesmission. All reprint requests should be directed to Youth Today.

Read the full story as an online magazine here.

About the author and photographer:

James Swift is a Georgia writer whose work covers an array of contemporary social and political issues, primarily involving juvenile justice and other systemic issues facing young Americans. He has reported on the U.S. education system, autism spectrum disorder research, gay and lesbian rights and other cultural issues and events. His work has won awards from the Georgia College Press Association and the Southern Regional Press Institute.

Jan Banning was born from Dutch East Indies parents and studied social and economic history, both of which had a strong influence on his photographic works. His work always has a social focus. The social political environment is put at the fore and it often concerns subjects that have been neglected within the arts and are difficult to portray: state power, consequences of war, justice and injustice. Sometimes the work is the result of a sociological or anthropological classifying approach, such as ‘Bureaucratics’, a comparative study of the world of government officials.