In This Together: The Hidden Cost of Young Adult Unemployment

Rory O’Sullivan, Konrad Mugglestone, and Tom Allison
January 8, 2014

From the foreward:

"At a time when young people are facing a mountain of new challenges in college, the labor market, and the home, In This Together, lays clear how much our failure to provide young people with good jobs is costing our economy and the public each year at the federal and state level. The findings are staggering: severely high youth unemployment costs $9 billion in tax revenue each year at the federal and state level.

In This Together is a call to action for the national public, and the message shouldn’t be taken lightly. How we tackle the problems facing today’s youth has enormous implications for what the rest of the 21st century will look like in the U.S. Their policy proposals represent the opening of a national dialogue about how to address our current youth employment crisis."

Check out the interactive report in the link below (and read the New York Times' coverage of the report here).