Toolkit: #TalkPoverty & Take Action on Sequestration

Every day, people in communities across America are now seeing that sequestration is real—and the stakes are especially high for struggling families. The stories are starting to roll in. In central Illinois, parents and others are taking action to prevent 2,200 kids from being kicked out of Head Start. Over 61,000 Georgians will soon receive notices that their extended unemployment insurance benefits will be cut. And, outside Austin, Texas, up to 7,700 meals for seniors are likely to be cut. These are only a few examples of the $85 billion in cuts set to take place in 2013 alone.

Take action, share your story, and get your elected officials to listen. These reckless across-the-board cuts are just beginning to hit and will continue to impact communities everywhere. This toolkit provides several resources to help you take action with the media, other advocates, and your elected officials—let’s make sure these devastating cuts don’t become a permanent reality in our communities. It includes:

  • Sample press release
  • Sample letter to the editor
  • Ways to take action online by joining the #TalkPoverty digital movement
  • Important state-by-state and national data about the cuts
  • Ways to tell your story through our story bank and get your voice in the media
  • Other resources to help you organize and take action

Click the link below to download the toolkit and get started.