Time to "Just Listen"? | October 15, 2013

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We're excited to officially announce First to Finish College, a joint project between SparkAction and Demos. This network is designed to inform and inspire first-generation college students and those helping them succeed.

The First to Finish College blog and companion Facebook group and Google+ Community bring together the voices of youth, alumni, researchers and innovators who are tackling the challenges and crafting solutions to help first-gens get through school and launch successful careers.

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3 Things You Can Do About the Shutdown Right Now
Now in its third week, the partial government shutdown is starting to have real impact on workers, communities and families. You already know the government shutdown is bad, and that the prospect of a government default is terrifying. Here are three easy ways to speak up in your community.

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VIDEOS: Students Talk About Teaching & Learning in "Just Listen"
In this series of video clips from What Kids Can Do, students speak directly to viewers about teaching and learning, sharing their thoughts about everything from the role of humor to quality teacher-student relationships. These videos show that the most authentic answers to questions about how youth learn often come from youth themselves.


I Almost Quit Teach for America
In this article published in The Atlantic, A young Teach for America volunteer from New York City describes the difficulties of attempting to teach a group of rowdy, misbehaving students in the Mississippi, and why, despite her challenges, she returned for a second year.

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October 15, 2013

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