Urgent Message from Clamor Magazine

December 20, 2006

First, we'd like to thank everyone for the well-wishes and concern you've shared with us following the announcement that Clamor would be ceasing publication.

Today we are writing to ask you to help us protect and sustain Clamor's closest allies:

Just Seeds, Left Turn Magazine, Spread Magazine, Critical Moment, Alternative Press Review, Infoshop.org, Faesthetic, Vegan Freak, and Left Out all use the online infoshop we've built over the last few years.

On Friday December 15, we received word that Sky Bank, one of the banks to which Clamor owes money, froze our bank account and intends to block the transfer of the infoshop to the crew that was going to take it over. This move runs counter to what we (our lawyer included) thought would happen, and it has profound repercussions for the people and projects that were depending on us to continue providing distribution and making regular payments.

The sense of loss we have felt in closing Clamor is completely overshadowed by the knowledge that we have jeopardized these otherwise growing and healthy projects. Without the money Clamor owes them, some of these projects will not survive.

WE NEED YOUR HELP to ensure that these valuable independent media projects do not go down along with Clamor. You are probably receiving many requests at this time of year. These are all incredible projects that you should support on a regular basis, but it is urgent that you offer that support right now.

Use the following links to make donations directly to one or more of these projects.

justseeds has been the only spot to find socially conscious street art, anarchist literature and political printmaking all in one place online. Please donate to help Josh MacPhee continue this important work. The future of justseeds depends on you.

Left Turn is an international network of activists committed to exposing and fighting the negative consequences of global capitalism. Through Left Turn magazine, and face-to-face forums, we amplify voices of those on the frontlines of radical struggles for social justice, and provide resources for strategy-building and reflection. We are on the brink of survival financially and the seizure of funds owed to us has been a major blow. We hope you will contribute and/or subscribe as a testament to the importance of supporting radical independent media.

$pread Magazine is a quarterly, glossy magazine by and for sex workers and those who support their rights. This current situation will have dramatic repercussions for them. Please step up and donate using their link.

Critical Moment is an independent community newspaper serving Southeast Michigan. For the past three years, we have featured hundreds of authors, provided critical analysis of issues facing local communities, and championed various forms of resistance taking place in our area. But the future of Critical Moment is in jeopardy due in part to the recent collapse of infoSHOP direct. Please help us reach our modest goal of $1000 so that we can print our 20th issue and continue to provide a critical voice to Southeast Michigan. Go to www.criticalmoment.org to make a donation or subscribe.

Infoshop.org & Practical Anarchy are the online resource for radical news, opinion, and information. Please help them weather this storm by donating.

Faesthetic is a yearly graphic design & art magazine printed in small quantities with submissions from talented creatives from around the world. Please donate via paypal to his account info@faesthetic.com.

Alternative Press Review is your window on the world of independent media. APR publishes a wide variety of the best essays from radical zines, tabloids, books and magazines along with reviews, commentary and columns on the alternative press scene and other alternative media. Please visit their site to donate.

If you would like to donate to Jen and Jason's legal support, please donate via paypal to our account at jason@clamormagazine.org.

In frustration and solidarity,
Jason Kucsma and Jen Angel
Founders and former publishers of Clamor Magazine





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