Video: Creating and Sustaining Successful Business-Community Partnerships

April 26, 2011

This webinar focused on corporate engagement tool kits from a leading organization in the field. It addressed both nonprofit and corporate engagement leaders and their roles in establishing strong partnerships for engagement.

On this webinar, John-Anthony Meza, Vice President of Workforce Readiness of Corporate Voices for Working Families, highlighted two series of tools that the organization has created, as well as provide best practice examples and tips on how to achieve the successful business-community partnerships your organization is looking for. Participants shared their successes and challenges in creating partnerships and walkd away with the next steps they need to create and sustain their partnerships.

Leaders will find that these tools give them specific action steps and ideas they can undertake in establishing partnerships, as well as case studies and examples of successful partnerships created by others.

Check out the archived webinar on YouTube:



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