VIDEO: School to Prison Pipeline

January 25, 2013

Only two other states in our nation have higher suspension rates than North Carolina, and some say it's one of the biggest contributors to the School to Prison Pipeline. A former teacher, law enforcement officer, and parent share their observations on how this pipeline is created and why so many African American children are funneled into it.

North Carolina is 3rd in the country in school suspensions, which disproportionately affect African American boys. In the video below, host Deborah Holt Noel brings together Dr. Janet Johnson (EDSTAR Analytics), Chris Hill (Education and Law Project) and Barbara Fedders (UNC School of Law)  to discuss the problem and offer solutions. Watch here:

Watch School to Prison Pipeline Pt2 on PBS. See more from Black Issues Forum.





In this case, there is no separation of colors.. One can head to a wrong path if they have not taken quality education as well as parental supervision. Though, even there is this supervisions, kids are mostly entail to a environment behavior than of their nurtured way. The agency must act on this, they must provide strict rules in order to get kids out from street and start new beginning from their home with family and friends, otherwise, indeed a prison cell will be their last resort. There are audio tours and medical narrated videos that a medical agency can provide and promote to bring awareness to the society, specially the young. This site <a href="" rel="dofollow"></a>, if the government acted way better, and use same scenario of medical video advertising, then surely one can comprehend with it.