VIDEO & Toolkit: Sequestration and Budget Cuts 101

May 30, 2013

Government improves our daily lives, whether we realize it or not. The teachers in our children's classrooms. The roads and bridges on which we drive. The scientists seeking cures for debilitating disease. The safe medications we take and the safe food we eat. The police who patrol our neighborhoods. The air traffic controllers who ensure we arrive at our destinations, safely.

These core government services and more are under attack in the name of deficit reduction. If Congress can't work together to stop deep cuts--aka "sequester" or "sequestration"--millions of jobs will be lost, and core services upon which we all rely will be eliminated.

This toolkit put together by NDD United have the resources you need to engage in this "historical debate" and help understand what deep cuts can truly mean to your life and the lives of your family and community.

Watch the intro video below and check out the full toolkit here.