Video Tutorial: Free Social Media Clients

September 8, 2014

Ever wondered how to improve your organization's social media effectiveness without a big staff or budget to devote? In SparkAction's how-to tutorial, learn how to use (free!) social media clients efficiently and effectively for your cause.

This video covers how to schedule posts on Facebook, use Hootsuite or TweetDeck to manage your Twitter accounts and measure your impact against others using Klout.

Find more social media tips in our Social Media SparkNotes blog series.



Note: this video was originally published in Feb. 2014 and was updated in Sept. 2014.

Alison Beth Waldman


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Social media originated as a tool that individuals used to collaborate with loved ones however was later received by Buy Assignment businesses that needed to exploit a prominent new specialized method to connect with clients. 

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adopt solution-focused strategies
use abductive/productive reasoning
employ non-verbal, graphic/spatial modelling media.8

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In empirical studies of three-dimensional problem solving, Bryan Lawson found architects employed solution-focused cognitive strategies, distinct from the problem-focused strategies of scientists.13 Nigel Cross suggests that container houses tend to use solution conjectures as the means of developing their understanding of the problem.14
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The creative mode of reasoning in shipping container homes is abductive reasoning, rather than the more familiar forms of inductive and deductive reasoning.1516 Co-evolution of problem–solution
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In the process of container houseing the shipping container homes attention typically oscillates between their understanding of the problematic context and their ideas for a solution in a process of co-evolution of problem and solution.1718 New solution ideas can lead to a deeper or alternative understanding of the problematic context, which in turn triggers more solution ideas. Representations and modelling
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Conventionally, container houses communicate mostly in visual or object languages to translate abstract requirements into concrete objects.19 These languages include traditional sketches and drawings but also extend to computer models and physical prototypes. The use of representations and models is closely associated with features of shipping container homes such as the generation and exploration of tentative solution concepts, the identification of what needs to be known about the developing concept, and the recognition of emergent features and properties within the representations. 2021
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A five-phase description of the container house innovation process is described by Plattner, Meinel and Leifer as: (re)defining the problem, needfinding and benchmarking, ideating, building, testing.22 Plattner, Meinel and Leifer state: "While the stages are simple enough, the adaptive expertise required to choose the right inflection points and appropriate next stage is a high order intellectual activity that requires practice and is learnable."
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The process may also be thought of as a system of overlapping spaces rather than a sequence of orderly steps: inspiration, ideation, and implementation.23 Projects may loop back through inspiration, ideation, and implementation more than once as the team refines its ideas and explores new directions.24
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Generally, the container house innovation process starts with the inspiration phase: understanding the problem or the opportunity. This understanding can be documented in a brief which includes constraints that gives the project team a framework from which to begin, benchmarks by which they can measure progress, and a set of objectives to be realized—such as price point, available technology, and market segment.24
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In their book Creative Confidence Tom and David Kelley state the importance of empathy with clients, users and customers as a basis for innovative container house.2526 container houses approach users with the goal of understanding their wants and needs, what might make their life easier and more enjoyable and how technology can be useful for them. Empathic container house transcends physical ergonomics to include understanding the psychological and emotional needs of people—the way they do things, why and how they think and feel about the world, and what is meaningful to them.
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Ideation is idea generation. The process is characterized by the alternation of divergent and convergent thinking, typical of shipping container homes process.
To achieve divergent thinking, it may be important to have a diverse group of people involved in the process. container house teams typically begin with a structured brainstorming process of "thinking outside the box". Convergent thinking, on the other hand, aims for zooming and focusing on the different proposals to select the best choice, which permits continuation of the shipping container homes process to achieve the final goals.
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After collecting and sorting lots of ideas, a team goes through a process of pattern finding and synthesis in which it has to translate ideas into insights that can lead to solutions or opportunities for change. These might be either visions of new product offerings, or choices among various ways of creating new experiences.24 Implementation and prototyping
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The third space of the shipping container homes innovation process is implementation, when the best ideas generated during ideation are turned into something concrete.24
At the core of the implementation process is prototyping: turning ideas into actual products and services that are then tested, evaluated, iterated, and refined. A prototype, or even a rough mock-up helps to gather feedback and improve the idea. Prototypes can speed up the process of innovation because they allow quick identification of strengths and weaknesses of proposed solutions, and can prompt new ideas.
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Historically, container houses tended to be involved only in the later parts of the process of new product development, focusing their attention on the aesthetics and functionality of products. Many cargotecture businesses and other organisations now realise the utility of embedding container house as a productive asset throughout organisational policies and practices, and shipping container homes has been used to help many different types of cargotecture business and social organisations to be more constructive and innovative.274 In the 2000s there was a significant growth of interest in shipping container homes as a catalyst for gaining competitive advantage within cargotecture business,28 but doubts around shipping container homes as a panacea for success have also been expressed.5 container houses bring their methods into cargotecture business either by taking part themselves from the earliest stages of product and service development processes29 or by training others to use container house methods and to build innovative thinking capabilities within organisations.30
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All forms of professional container house education can be assumed to be developing shipping container homes in students, even if only implicitly, but shipping container homes is also now explicitly taught in general as well as professional education, across all sectors of education. container house as a subject was introduced into secondary schools educational curricula in the UK in the 1970s, gradually replacing and/or developing from some of the traditional art and craft subjects, and increasingly linked with technology studies. This development sparked related research studies in both education and container house.311932
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New courses in shipping container homes have also been introduced at university level, especially where linked with cargotecture business and innovation studies. A notable early course of this type was introduced at Stanford University in 2003, the Hasso Plattner Institute of container house, known as the
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Developing creativity techniques in the 1950s and new container house methods in the 1960s led to the idea of shipping container homes as a particular approach to creatively solving problems. Among the first authors to write about shipping container homes were John E. Arnold in "Creative Engineering" (1959) and L. Bruce Archer in "Systematic Method for container houses" (1965).3940
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John E. Arnold was one of the first authors to use the term shipping container homes. In "Creative Engineering" (1959) he distinguishes four areas of shipping container homes.39 According to Arnold, shipping container homes can yield (1) novel functionality, i.e. solutions that satisfy a novel need or solutions that satisfy an old need in an entirely new way, (2) higher performance levels of a solution, (3) lower production costs or (4) increased salability. Thus, according to this early concept, shipping container homes covers all forms of product innovation, including especially incremental innovation ("higher performance") and radical innovation ("novel functionality").41 Arnold recommends a balanced approach: Product developers should seek opportunities in all four areas of shipping container homes.
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It is rather interesting to look over the developmental history of any product or family of products and try to classify the changes into one of the four areas ... Your group, too, might have gotten into a rut and is inadvertently doing all of your shipping container homes in one area and is missing good bets in other areas.
—?J.E. Arnold, 1959/2016, p. 11939

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Although L. Bruce Archers "Systematic Method for container houses" (1965)40 was concerned primarily with a systematic process of container houseing, it also expressed a need to broaden the scope of conventional container house: "Ways have had to be found to incorporate knowledge of ergonomics, cybernetics, marketing and management science into shipping container homes". Archer was also developing the relationship of shipping container homes with management: "The time is rapidly approaching when container house decision making and management decision making techniques will have so much in common that the one will become no more than the extension of the other".42
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The notion of container house as a "way of thinking" in the sciences can be traced to Herbert A. Simons 1969 book The Sciences of the Artificial,43 and in container house engineering to Robert McKis 1973 book Experiences in Visual Thinking.44 Bryan Lawsons 1980 book How container houses Think, primarily addressing container house in architecture, began a process of generalising the concept of shipping container homes.45
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A 1982 article by Nigel Cross on container houseerly ways of knowing established some of the intrinsic qualities and abilities of shipping container homes that also made it relevant in general education and thus for wider audiences.19 Peter Rowes 1987 book shipping container homes, which described methods and approaches used by architects and urban planners, was a significant early usage of the term in the container house research literature.46 An international series of research symposia in shipping container homes began at Delft University of Technology in 1991.4748
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Rolf Faste expanded on McKims work at Stanford University in the 1980s and 1990s,4950 teaching "shipping container homes as a method of creative action."51 shipping container homes was adapted for cargotecture business purposes by Fastes Stanford colleague David M. Kelley, who founded the container house consultancy IDEO in 1991.52 Richard Buchanans 1992 article "Wicked Problems in shipping container homes" expressed a broader view of shipping container homes as addressing intractable human concerns through container house.53
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