[VIDEO] Youth on the Brown v. Board of Ed Anniversary

June 2, 2014

In May 2014, a group of Dignity in Schools members from California, Mississippi, Ohio and Washington, DC participated in an on-line Google Hangout discussion to reflect on the impacts of Brown v. Board of Education sixty years later.

Professor Vernellia Randall from Racial Justice Now shared her experiences attending public schools at the time of Brown v. Board and discussed the continued segregation and lack of quality education in public schools today. She was joined by Jasmine Jones and Misha Cornelius from Black Organizing Project and Joyce Parker from Citizens for a Better Greenville who discussed the ongoing discrimination and inequity in our school system, including the closing of neighborhood schools, the loss of teachers of color, the low expectations and placement of students of color into lower academic tracks, and the inequitable funding and lack of supports in schools.