Want a Presidential Youth Council? Here's How You Can Help!

June 5, 2012

Share, tweet, post, ask.

Support for the Campaign for a Presidential Youth Council is growing at an amazing rate and more and more people want to know how they can get more involved. Here are four ways you can help:

1. Share your youth engagement experience.

If you have been a youth council member or a youth ambassador, please write to us sharing your experiences - what did your council accomplish? What did you learn from serving? What advice do you have for others thinking of serving? What advice do you have for communities considering starting a youth council?

Or if you have ever felt empowered from having your voice heard, tell us what that meant to you. Your testimonials will help policy makers understand what a Presidential Youth Council will really mean to youth in this nation.

2. Share why you think we need a Presidential Youth Council.

Write to us and share why a Presidential Youth Council matters to you and how you think the council will improve our country. If you're interested, we can even help you write an op-ed for your a local newspaper or online outlet to help rally your community in support of the Council.

3. Tweet and post about the Campaign for a Presidential Youth Council.

Help us spread the word about the Campaign and why youth leadership in government is important. Use the hashtag #youthvoices to tweet and post about our work, and check us out on Facebook.  Don't forget to include our website (www.presidentialyouthcouncil.org) and Twitter account (@gov4youth). Below are some sample tweets:

  • It is time to have young people included in our government! http://ow.ly/hVNKw  #youthvoices
  • It is time to have a @gov4youth! http://ow.ly/hVNKw  #youthvoices
  • There are 104 million young people under the age of 24 - it is time government hears #youthvoices. http://ow.ly/hVNKw
  • Only 29% of young people believe they have a say in what the government does - let's increase#youthvoices. http://ow.ly/hVNKw
  • I support the Presidential Youth Council because I want the opportunity to have my voice heard. http://ow.ly/hVNKw #youthvoices

4. Ask public figures to support the creation of a Presidential Youth Council.

Ask leaders to endorse the creation of a Presidential Youth Council and/or join the advisory board of the Campaign. While you're at it, ask them to send a tweet or two so that more young people learn about this opportunity to have their voices heard in government.

If one of these four areas interests you, simply e-mail us (alison.s.wu [at] gmail.com) and tell us what you're doing. Good luck and happy campaigning!

Alex Wirth and Tara T James